“I have received the directories and we are all very excited! This entire process was much easier than I anticipated, thanks in large part to the excellent work of Cassie Cox. She kept me on track in a courteous and gentle manner. She also did a great job troubleshooting any concerns that arose. I like that Harris Connect could even send voice files of calls the few times we had negative feedback! I always received prompt replies to my questions and she intervened when deadlines loomed so that necessary corrections were still included. Cassie exhibits great humor and general "unflappability." She also served as a great interface among us and all the other Harris Connect people with whom we worked. This project required less work on my part, thanks to all she did on her end!

“We are so happy to have all the new data regarding our alums and are eager to begin using it more effectively. We recently moved our data into a program called Outreach Suite, part of Salesforce.com so the clean data arrived at the perfect time. We have already done our first email blast with the updated and additional email addresses and had a very positive response from our alums. I know that we will be able to stay in touch with our alums more often and with less expense through electronic means. Our older alums in particular are very pleased to have a printed directory so they can stay connected to each other. We no longer publish yearbooks, so the history component is wonderful. One additional benefit that I did not anticipate is that the “What’s Been Happening” submissions give me another way to find alums who may be interested in writing pieces for my alumni magazine. I could go on and on. If you have any need of a reference regarding the process and how it worked, I’d be very happy to talk with people who are considering the publication of a directory and sharing our experience.”

Linda Nix, Alumni Coordinator, Casper College Alumni Office

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